Shoulder pain when drinking alcohol?

How much alcohol? If you have been getting this symptom for a while, and continue to drink despite having recurrent shoulder pain every time you drink, I am concerned that you have an alcohol problem. Shoulder pain can be referred from the diaphagm and the organs near it - like the liver. If you are getting alcoholic hepatitis - inflammation of the liver from drinking- that is dangerous. Stop drinking, see doctor.
Alcohol and arm pain. Many possibilities, some of them very dangeous e.g. Heart pain or gastro-esophageal pain. Best to stop drinking alcohol until you can call your doctor for an examination.

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Is drinking alcohol a bad idea when I have a separated shoulder?

Yes. Drinking alcohol at any time during an injury or take the pain away from an injury is not a good idea. A separated shoulder is something that can be taken care of. Stop the drinking and go see an orthopedic surgeon. Read more...

Swollen lymph for ~10 yrs. Dr's told me are ok unless pain/growth. Used to get severe shoulder/neck pain after drinking alcohol ~5yrs ago. Related?

Not likely. Probably not. If your lymph nodes have been the same size for 10 years likely there is nothing wrong with them. I can't explain why you got shoulder and neck pain with drinking alcohol--I am stumped with that one! Read more...