I had blood work done and protein 9.1 and albumin 5.5 could it be multiple myeloma. Cbc all came back within normal range. Immunoglobulin was 460.?

Poly vs monoclonal. There are many causes of elevation of acute phase reactants and poly (many) clonal gammaglobulins (iga, igg, igm, etc). Polyclonal elevations are not the same as multiple myeloma (mm). Mm is cancer of plasma cells that produces a monoclonal (or sometimes oligoclonal or non-secretory) production of immunoglobulins.
Not likely. Probably perfectly healthy. The globulin fraction is 3.6 (9.1-5.5). Was it the igg that was 460?

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M57, cbc, serum albumin, serum protein all normal does this mean I am clear of multiple myeloma?

Not necessarily . There are more important tests to check, like quantitative immunoglobulins and m proteins in urine and blood, normal free light chain ratio, and. Read more...