Does lymphoma or swollen lymph nodes affect gums or jaw? Have been having issues with crowns breaking?

Other way around. Infection in the jaws can cause swollen lymph nodes. Broken crowns are usually a sign of underlying decay.Deep decay w/ pulpal necrosis can then cause abscesses in the bone and swelling w/ lymph node involvement.
Unrelated. Commonly, swollen lymph nodes indicate an infection in the area they drain. Infected teeth can cause swollen lymph nodes. Teeth can become infected from fractures (ie crowns breaking). This is not typical .And they are unlikely related.

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Is a blunt paint below the hinges of my jaw indicative of swollen lymph nodes, therefore I ought to bunker down and get rest/fluids/etc?

See Doctor. Pain in the jaw hinge could be tmj, but pain below the hinge could be anything: referred pain of decaying tooth, inflammation in the parotid gland or lymph node. If red, warm or swollen, call your doctor. Rest and fluids are for viral infections (cold and flu). If this is a localized bacterial infection you need to seek medical attention. Read more...