A nurse tried to get a vien on my wrist & hit a nerve. 2 mos. Later if I hit the spot a tingling sensation down my pointer finger. Should I see a doc?

Sign of repair. The tingling sensation may actually be a sign of regeneration of the nerve. If you do not have numbness in the finger, you may not need to see a doctor. However, till you recover full sensation in the finger, avoid injury or burns to the finger.
Not necessarily. The nurse may have injured a small cutaneous sensory nerve with the IV needle while starting your iv. This can happen. I am not sure what any type of physician would do for this to "fix" it or that it really could be "fixed". It will more than likely go away with healing & time. If you are concerned enough, then cerainly you could seek an opinion from a nuerosurgion, orthopedist or hand surgeo.
If there's a mass. Sorry that happened. Takes a long time for a nerve to heal. If serious pain develops or you have a palpable mass there, you may have something in need of treatment / treatable. Otherwise, no worries i had my sciatic nerve hit by an inept injection as a teen; hurt on and off for three years but nothing to do.
Don't worry. It will most likely heal on it's own. Nerves take a long time to grow back after they have been injured. If you are very worried, consult your doctor.