I have bumps around my butt that itch. And a cicular rash that also itches on my uper thigh. What would they be and do I need to see a doctor?

Rashes are tough. Rashes are tough to diagnose without actually seeing them. However, if by "circular rash" you mean a circle-shaped rash with rash only on the edge and clear in the middle, this could be ring-worm, which is a fungal infection in the skin (not a worm). The bumps on your rump could also be a fungal rash. Advise that you see your doctor for an examination to determine the cause of the rash and treat.
Itchy bumps. Folliculitis is a bacterial or fungal infection of the pores and can be one cause of itchy bumps. Itchy round rashes can be allergy to a contactant or a "ringworm" fungus or a yeast rash like tinea versicolor, or a patch of nummular eczema, or other conditions. You need to see a dermatologist to examine your skin and determine if they are the same rash or two different problems.