I think I have polyps in my nose will a steroid based spray remove them?

Nope. You need to be evaluated by a ear, nose and throat doc. If you indeed have nasal polyps, they need to be surgically removed.
Nasal polyps. No. It may shrink them some but to get rid of them completely it usually requires surgery.
Can you smell? If you have a good sense of smell and taste chances are that you don't have significant nasal polyps. If your sense of smell and taste are gone or diminished polyps are likely. Nasal steroids reduce inflammation and by doing so they reduce polyps which are strongly associated with nasal inflammation. It is a good first step. An ENT doctor is easily able to make the diagnosis by looking.
Polyps. Inflammatory polyps can respond to a steroid base spray (decrease in size) but it is not often that they will disappear completely b/c the polyp is usually a manifestation of a more global inflammatory condition. For some patients, the response is adequate for others, surgery is indicated. Be sure to have the polyp evaluated, if it is only on one side, a biopsy is often indicated.
Possibly. Although, a steroid spray will probably not remove your polyps completely, it may help them shrink them significantly. It may be a good starting point option or an option for those who don't want to proceed with surgery or in whom surgery is contraindicated. I would strongly suggest neti pot nasal flushing along with the steroid spray to prevent nose bleeds and dryness.