I feel pain around my right shoulder, begin form two days ago after a basketball game, how could I deal with it?

Shoulder pain. Agree with dr de santi. Pain for a few days can be treated with symptomatic care with emphasis on rest and avoidance of painful maneuvers. Gentle stretches/rom activity to minimize development of a stiff shoulder is imperative. Use of nsaid's, ice and or heat can be helpful. If symptoms persist and affect your ability to use your shoulder in a pain free manner then visit a doc for a proper eval.
Soothe a Shoulder. Avoid sleeping on the affected shoulder as this can stress the tendons, joint capsule and muscle tissue. Any of these could be inflammed due to your activity. Ice can be used daily (protect your skin from frostbite) but the best immediate relief is with an oral anti-inflammatory such as naprosyn (naproxen) (aleve). It has the most neutral cardiac risk profile but watch for stomach upset if used too often.