What do anti aging creams do to your skin?

Very Little or Lots. The devil is in the details or in this case, the ingredients. Many anti-aging creams are merely snake oil as they will only moisturize skin, giving it a temporary look of improvement. True anti-aging creams have medically active ingredients and usually higher concentrations that can be purchased in a drug or department store and often need to be obtained from a prescribing or dispensing physician.
Aging . A good anti aging cream will build collagen and provide exfoliation. Examples are retin -a , antioxidants such as vitamin c , and Alpha hydroxy acid . The concentration and delivery system is important. See a dermatologist for a healthy skin regimen.
Anti againg. Creams that slow down or partially reverse aging have many different functions. Some brighten pigmentation, some stimulate collagen production, some increase cell energy to help repair damaged dna. Each cream works differently. http://www.talroudnerplasticsurgery.com/.