How to reduce cholestrol?

Try red yeast rice. Red yeast rice is great way to lower cholesterol and have had great results with my patients.

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How to reduce cholestrol?

Diet exercise. And medications such as statins and EPA omega 3 fish oil.

How can you reduce cholestrol level?

Diet and medications. Two ways to reduce cholesterol. Cholesterol is ingested with cholesterol rich foods and your liver produces cholesterol. You lower it by avoiding cholesterol rich foods and by taking medications (statins, eg atorvastatin, pravastatin) to reduce liver production.

How to reduce LDL cholestrol?

Find and Fix Causes. The first step is to determine if the LDL is elevated due to an acquired medical condition. If treatable conditions are identified I would manage those and start diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. Soluble fiber and plant stanols can be used to lower ldl. If medications are needed options include statins, agents to decrease gut cholesterol absorption (ezetimibe, colesevelam), and niacin.

How to reduce LDL cholestrol level?

Lowering cholesterol. There are several things one can do to reduce an elevated LDL cholesterol level. One is to lose weight, if you are obese. Another is to reduce the intake of foods high in fats such as some cuts of beef. Ingesting less fat will also help you lose weight. Another way is by increasing your exercise regimen, which will also help you lose weight. About 15% of patients will not respond to these actions.
Statin drugs. Prescribed by your doc can do it. He/she will do blood work first. Alternatively, proper dose high quality marine fish oil will lower triglycerides and red yeast rice will lower LDL and your total cholesterol will go down. Your doc may know about this but a natural or integrative doc will certainly be familiar w/it.
Follow the following. Exercise most days of the week (aerobic work), eat fruits and vegetables liberally, limit saturated fats, increase fish and fish oil intake, have fiber with each meal, keep your weight in check, don't smoke at all or drink excessively (one or two drinks weekly). The lower the better on LDL and the higher the better on HDL. You have to eat, just keep it healthy and you'll be fine.

How to reduce bad cholestrol for me? 247 total 297 TGL 1989 LDL-P

Cholesterol. Start with the basics. Low glycemic diet, exercise. You may want to try some garlic and or niacin. Look into high intensity interval training.

I drink lot of beers is that the reason I have cholestrol. If how to reduce the cholestrol?

Do not agree. Beer might make you chubby but it does not directly increase cholesterol. More often than not, it is written in our genes.