What can I do if hirschsprung disease runs in the family?

Provide information. There are some forms of hd that occur in familities and that may be the case here. A full term child should pass meconium(first stool) within 48 hours. If not, baby should be evaluated for hd. In preemies, on 80% pass stool at 48hours so it may be less likely. Also, rarely to preemies have hd-unkonwn why. However, you must tell your doc about this history so he/she can consider this if issues a.
Be prepaired. Hd has a 4% recurrence risk for sibs of a known cast and about 6% of new cases have some positive family history.That said, 80% are thought to represent new mutations. Being aware of presenting symptoms;not passing stool within 24hrs of birth, abdominal distension, vomiting, etc. Can help you be prepared for the possibility & share the suspicion with treating personnel.
Be alert. If children have constipation or fail to pas stool with 24-48 hours after being born, make sure your doctor knows about the family history to facilitate getting prompt care.
Aware bowel function. Should make sure pediatrician is aware of familial disease to evaluate infants and young children for possibility of Hirschsprung disease.Be cognizant of constipation and abnormal bowel habits and blood in bowel movements.