I travel a lot with no home base what is the best way to get a new prescription for rls, I am not always in the same area each year?

Establish. Anyone with a chronic medical problem that travels or moves frequently should establish with a physician when they move to new area. If not or one runs out of medication, would need to go to urgent care. Stay away from er because this is not a life-threatening problem and needs not be treated in this environment. As doctor for refills on medication or call doctor that wrote earlier rx.
What is RLS? Establish a relationship with a concierge physician such as myself. My patients have my cellphone and are able to contact me 24/7. Depending on the medication (rls) it may be faxed or called in to a pharmacy near you if it is appropriate and your physician is comfortable in doing this. www.aapp.org to find a list of physicians near you my website www.Medacpc.Com.
Relationship w/ PCP. When constantly on the go, it is most important that you have a good relationship with a medical home and a pcp. Your doctor will then know who you are, what you do, what your specific needs are and will help to coordinate your care. Rls should be a condtion that requires only periodic evaluation and a more or less stable dose of medication. The pcp can then send script to pharmacy where your r.