Do varicose veins on the bottom that first appear in pregnancy come back and hurt later in life?

Hemorrhoids. Varicose veins near the anus are called hemorrhoids. They are common during pregnancy. They can come back later in life but they usually don't. Avoid constipation to help prevent them.
Sometimes. The enlarged veins on your bottom that first appear during pregnancy do shrink a significant amount after delivery. They may no longer be noticeable to you but they almost never go away entirely. With subsequent pregnancies they often get worse. If they don't go away at all, they can cause pelvic pain, menstrual pain, pain with sex, and varicose veins in the legs. Fortunately, they can be treated.
Sometimes. Veins in your vaginal area can return later in life and can be a sign of venous insufficieny of some of the pelvic veins. Many times these will go away and never return and primarily are caused by the pressure of the baby and uterus on the veins of the pelvis. There are also hormonal changes and changes in fluid balance that occur during pregnancy that can lead to these varicose veins.

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If you had evla is it possible that varicose veins will still come back?

Yes. The vein could not close completely or simply re-open over time depending on the technology and amount of energy. Rf and older lasers (810) have this happen more frequently. Additionally, new veins could grow over time. Read more...
Can recur. Evlt should close the leaking (refluxing) valves leading to varicose veins and , therefore, prevent varicose veins from returning. However, valves in other veins can reflux leading to new vein formation. The veins that were treated by evlt, if done correctly, should have a recurrence rate of about 2%. A repeat venous reflux ultrasound will help to diagnose. You should see a vein specialist. Read more...