Negative allergy skin testing. Are there any tests available that identify food sensitivities? Follow restricted diet but fear reintro. [airway hx]

Blood tests, etc... Children can be tested by blood tests (any regular lab can do it) or by skin tests (usually done by an allergist). There are hundreds of items that can be tested for, to see if an allergy exists to such items. A parent needs to talk with the doctor to figure out which items should be tested for. The doctor may do food re-introductions with single-ingredient foods, to see if any reaction occurs.
YES. It is called leap testing and is available in some physicians offices you may have to call around to see who has it. This test looks as leukocyte activity with a very large number of foods. Some insurances will pay for it with specific diagnoses. The cost for this test is $600-$800 out of pocket if your insurance doesnt' cover it. Email me at www. Medacpc. Com if you need specfics.