I get a bout of coughing (for 30 min) after biking, esp when I start talking, is it asthma? Happening for a year now.

Exercise asthma. Exercised-induced asthma is asthma. Everyone who has asthma has symptoms with aerobic exercise like cycling. Those with intermittent asthma may only have symptoms like coughing when they exercise. A bronchodilator like albuterol is often all that's needed. If exercise triggers coughing occasionally use albuterol when symptoms occur otherwise use it before exercise to prevent coughing. It works!
Could be. Getting a pft from your family physician may help to tell. It may be rad (reactive airway); i usually reserve asthma diagnosis for a more persistent symptoms and your length of time does permit that. However, eliminating acids in the diet and taking large quantities of herbal anti-inflammatories might relieve the symptoms; email me at www.Medacpc.Com for more info.
Could be. Coughing after exertion can be a sign of asthma. However, it is best that you discuss your symptoms with your physician so that other causes can be ruled out. If asthma is the most likely disgnosis, they can prescribe you an inhaler medication that can help with your symptoms.