Are there good ways to get good sleep?

Have a GOOD DAY! A healthy day should be followed by a good night. How to have a good day: avoid caffeine, especially after lunch on. Get at least 30 minutes of exercise. Do not overeat at dinner. Avoid alcohol at dinner and after. Leave your stresses out of the bedroom. Wind down before bed....No high strung tv show!. No tv watching from bed. No colas. At bed time, dark quiet room. Avoid sleeping pills!
Good sleep hygeine. Good sleep hygeine is critical for good sleep. Other alternatives you can add under 30 is valerian root, sleepy time teas, calm's forte, over 30 melatonin works better. For women Progesterone is a key sleep hormone. Other things that can help monitor sleep is the zeo, a cool gadget that monitors your type of sleep and you upload it to have an online coach. If all else fails, see your physician.