Can prenatal vitamins help with hair loss in women who have never been pregnant? If not, which vitamins help?

Iron. Iron decency can contribute to hair loss. In addition to other blood tests iron and iron binding capacity should be measured in menstruating women. If low, iron replacement can help slow or stop hair loss.
None. Unless you have a specifically identified vitamin deficiency (which is relatlvely uncommon in a country like the us) and that vitamin deficiency is linked to hair loss, don't bother with any vitamin supplementation. It's expensive and a recent study shows it may be harmful.

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Can prenatal vitamins help with female hair loss?

Doubtful, but. .. Not likely, but I would continue them. Hair loss after pregnancy (telogen effluvium) is common and the result of an arrested phase of hair growth. It may also occur after periods of stress or illness. It is considered harmless and usually resolves after 3-4 months. Nevertheless, prenatal vitamins are likely to be helpful in many ways, especially if you are postpartum and breastfeeding.
Hair loss vitamins. Hair loss may not be caused by vitamin deficiencies that often. Hormones such as low thryroid, effects of medication, breakage of hair from abusive grooming habits, too much chlorine or sun, chronic tight hair styles, pulling habits all can affect hair loss. Interestingly, protein deficiency can be a significant cause of hair loss as can congenital hair disorders.

Can I take a prenatal vitamin even if I'm not pregnant? I heard it's good for hair loss and it's pretty complete. Started lamictal heard of hair loss!

Yes. Prenatal vitamins can be taken by non-pregnant adult. Like most vitamins, unless your overdose, there are no serious side effects. Lamictal can be related to hair loss.

Do prenatal vitamins help with hair skin & nails if I'm not pregnant?

Yes it may. Try biotin too. Minimize stress, get enough rest, eating fresh fruits and veggies, exercise and quit smoking if u do -may help maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.
Perhaps. Prenatal vitamins are unique in that they have a higher amount of Folic Acid along with iron, B12 etc to aid in the building of the blood of the fetus. If you happen to be lacking in some of these nutrients due to a poor diet, then they may be helpful.

Can I take prenatal vitamins to help my hair grow without being pregnant?

Yes, but. You can take prenatal vitamins anytime. Even men can take prenatal vitamins without any harm. (but it won't make your hair grow - sorry!).

What happens if I take prenatal vitamins when I'm not pregnant, does it help grow hair?

If deficient in a. mineral or vit it might. Get adequate sleep, avoid excess sugar & fat, v carbonated drinks, eat enough protein, exercise regularly. Insure you have adequate Iron (like kale & other dark green leafies), Omega 3 fatty acids (like walnuts), vit. E (fruits & veggies), D & B vitamins, biotin & zinc. Avoid sulfates & formaldehyde in shampoos, excessive blow dry heat & curling irons.

Can a 17 year old take prenatal vitamins if not pregnant but to help with hair growth?

It is safe. It is safe for a non-pregnant woman of child bearing age to take a pre-natal vitamin. I'm not so sure it is going to help a whole lot with your hair growth. Hair growth depends on many factors, just one of them being adequate vitamin intake. So I wouldn't do this thinking it's the magic bullet to long hair.