I'm turning 20 this month, I weigh about 130, and I'm 5' 6" tall. I'm a guy. Will I get any taller? Are there foods or any way to help me get taller?

No and no. Very rarely guys will grow a little between 18 and 20, but if you're showing secondary sexual characteristics like facial hair, muscle growth, and genital growth and hair, then chances are your growth plates are fused, meaning you're done growing. At this point, eat healthy to promote bone and muscle growth. Look to see how tall your parents are, you should be around their heights.
It depends. It's not typical for men to grow much past the age of 18. Do you know how tall your parents are? Most men will be between their dad's height and their mom's height + 5". Were you later than other guys starting your growth spurt? Late bloomers can grow into their early 20s. Once your growth plates close, which is likely if you haven't grown in the past 2 years, there's no medicine that helps.
Growing taller. A look at your growth chart in your pediatrician's office will let you know if you stopped growing already. Some young adults continue to grow into college! If you haven't stopped growing yet, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting plenty of sleep will help you reach your growth potential.
It's in the GENES. An individual's height is usually determined by the parental heights / genes. Although there's a small percentage that does not follow this rule. There are no food out there to make you grow inches taller. Getting enough sleep will help, swimming and playing basketball did with some kids. Hope that helps.
Yes. By stimulating natural human growth hormone productionin brain - use ornithine, lysine and arginine combination daily there is a supplement by http://qnlabs called aminohgh which would help this has to be taken at night 7tabs.