What are the symptoms of appendicitis vs ovarian cyst?  

Onset of pain. On physical examination, it is often very difficult to distinguish a ruptured right ovarian cyst from appendicitis; however, with a ruptured cyst, the onset of the pain is typically "hyperacute", whereas, with appendicitis the pain often begins like a typical "stomach ache" in the upper or mid abdomen before "moving" to the right lower abdomen.
Might be hard to tel. Ovarian cysts if unruptured usually cause no symptoms. When they rupture, their presentation may be essentially indistinguishable from that of appendicitis - lower abdominal pain (may be right or left or bilateral). There may be fever, nausea/vomiting present. Ultrasound and/or ct abdomen/pelvis usually helps differentiating between the two.

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I thought my severe pain was appendicitis, but turned out to be an ovarian cyst. I'm in excrutiating pain w/a consistant lowgrade fever. Worry or not?

Not to. "worry" but "excruciating" pain and fever from an uncomplicated ovarian cyst is very unusual...contact your GYN for further treatment. Hope this is helpful Dr Z.

Severe ovarian cyst pain I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts 13 months ago, in the ER they thought it was appendicitis. I hadn't had any severe pain since my diagnosis until this last month. I had mirana placed 25 months ago. I've been to my gynecologist t

I. I am very concerned about several things here. That is way too much Ibuprofen (advil and Motrin are other words for ibuprofen). Taking 800 mg every 6 hours for a few days is a lot, but taking 800 mg every two hours is very concerning, and can cause side effects with your stomach and your kidneys. You need to be immediately evaluated for this pain and irregular bleeding. It is not normal. Sometimes these symptoms can occur in the first few months after a mirena, (levonorgestrel) but you state you are 25 months out, so these symptoms are very abnormal. Please have a complete gynecological evaluation. You likely need an imaging study such as an ultrasound. There are other pain medications that you can be treated with. Please be seen immediately for your symptoms.

Diagnosed w/a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. Everyone (ER docs) thought appendicitis. CT &ultra sound showed cyst. High WBC. Severe pain again. Any advice?

Pelvic abscess. The high WBC count worries me. Hemorrhagic cyst may be associated with an abscess. It may not have been infected before but is now infected (abscess is usually due to a focal bacterial infection). I suspect that your doctor put you on antibiotics. If you are getting worse on the antibiotics, they may not be working. Call your doctor right away to let the doctor know it is worsening.

I have suffered with ovarian cysts and now I have this really bad pain, feels numb &aches, and it hurts when I pee. Got ultrasound. Not appendicitis.

Bladder infection? You might have a bladder infection. Needs a urine test to confirm. Sometimes they are treated without the test. See your primary care provider today to find out. Hope this helps!