What are the symptoms of appendicitis vs ovarian cyst? 


Onset of pain.

On physical examination, it is often very difficult to distinguish a ruptured right ovarian cyst from appendicitis; however, with a ruptured cyst, the onset of the pain is typically "hyperacute", whereas, with appendicitis the pain often begins like a typical "stomach ache" in the upper or mid abdomen before "moving" to the right lower abdomen.
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Might be hard to tel

Ovarian cysts if unruptured usually cause no symptoms. When they rupture, their presentation may be essentially indistinguishable from that of appendicitis - lower abdominal pain (may be right or left or bilateral). There may be fever, nausea/vomiting present. Ultrasound and/or CT abdomen/pelvis usually helps differentiating between the two.
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