How can women protect their joints (swimming, biking, etc.) while getting enough weightbearing exercise, which stresses joints, especially knees?

Strong bones? We talk about weight bearing exercises when we want to build strong bones. Resistance exercises can also build stronger bones without pounding your knees. Also, remember the overall goal is to prevent hip fractures. So besides stronger bones, we also want stronger muscles and good balance. All kinds of exercise, including knee friendly walking and tai chi, help with strength and balance too.
Avoid High Impact. Aerobic exercises that are relatively easier on the knees and spine include swimming, biking, yes impact sports (running) very hard on our joints. Weight bearing exercises (isometric) involves more wt lifting w. Little to no moving during activity. It is this type that will help maintain bone strength w.O too much compromise to our joints unless power lifting w. Poor posture/ technique.