Is it okay to swaddle my newborn?

Transitional stage. Swaddeling allows a newborn to regain the known comfort of the womb. This avoids the scary & new wiggling their arms & legs do if they are open (they don't understand it).Helpful as this may be early on, gradual reduction of the constraint is a necessary step. Acquisition of motor skills requires regular motor activity. By 1mo baby should be in a onzie on their back in bed. No pillows or blanket.
Swaddle 'em :-) Yes, it is okay to swaddle babies. This is a technique to keep the baby warm and comfortable. A new concept has been promoted that encourages a different technique allowing the legs to be separated. This allows the hips to stay more in the socket (hip joint). I wish I could do as good a job as the nursery staff in teaching new parents how to effectively wrap the babies. Kudos to them!
Yes! They now make some great swaddle blankets and sleep sacks that make it easy to give your baby that cozy feeling without constricting their legs too much. They're also much easier to use!