I'm having pain and recently dx. With diastasis rectus. They say no surgery...How can I help with pain?

Limit Activity. Diastasis rectii is a condition where the "6-pack" muscles of the abdominal wall no longer are attached to one another in the midline, leading to them bowing out when contracting them (it looks like a tent when you raise your head up when laying down). This is common after childbirth or with significant weight gain. This rarely causes pain, though; you may want to seek a second opinion.
Probably not related. Diastasis recti is when the connection between the rectus muscles (six pack) thins and spreads out. This looks like a long bulge in the middle between the umbilicus and breast bone only when you are doing a sit up, or participating in a limbo contest. It's not dangerous, and rarely if ever causes symptoms.
Pain unusual. There can be a fuzzy area between diastasis recti and ventral abdominal hernia. Might be worth a second opinion from a surgeon or a group that does not profit from limiting number of procedures performed. Ventral hernia repairs are covered by insurance wheras repair of diastasis can be considered cosmetic. Good luck.
Abdominoplasty aka. "tummy tuck" routinely fixes that problem. You should let "they" know this. Won't be covered by insurance in all probability...