I am so dry on the inside that sex is a no-go. I am also very dry on the outside peeling hands, feet, etc. I am 56 and yes had a hysterectomy. At 28?

See your physician.. For your vaginal dryness, I would recommend a personal lubricant (ie KY jelly, etc). If this is not effective, you should see your physician. There are prescription vaginal creams (ie Premarin (conjugated estrogens) cream) that may be an option.
Vaginal dryness. See a gynecologist or urologist. Vulvodynia, or a painful vaginal area can be caused by different issues and experts that deal with this can recommend good treatments for your dryness. With peeling hands and feet as well, a dermatologist may be helpful to see if there is something else going on. Vitamin a medicatons or excessive vitamin a by mouth can cause this as can fungus and yeast.