Why do I get bloody noses so often? Always right nostril, often at night. Twice this week. Summer & winter. No pain, just wake up bleeding. 

Deviated septum. There are many reasons for bloody nose: dry nasal passages (increase in winter); allergies; picking. If you are an adult and have persistent nose bleeds on one side, you may have a deviated septum that is causing the air coming in to deflect at a certain point and cause excessive drying of the mucosa. No matter, if it is occurring this frequently, have it checked by your local ent.
It's your nose. You most likely have an area in the front of your nose that is inflamed and irritated. There are large superficial blood vessels in the front of the nose that are easily injured by blowing and cleaning. Seeing an ENT doctor is important as he/she can look in your nose and see if there is a vessel that can be easily cauterized. For now avoid putting anything in your nose including saline.