How do I get tested for celiac?

Many. Celiac disease is a common disease affectng about 1 in 100-150 americans. Its symptoms can be confused with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, GI infections....The diagnosis of celiac is based on symptoms, blood tests and confirmed by biopsy of the small bowel.
Blood test. There is a blood test for celiac disease. However, if you are not having diarrhea or losing weight, it is probably a waste of money. Depending on your symptoms, the best bet is to see a competent physician and let them do the diagnosing.
Ask your doc. Initial screening for gluten sensitivity/ CD can be done with blood tests that any primary care provider can order. They might be done locally or mailed out to a regional lab.If the screening tests are positive, confirmatory testing with a G I specialist can be arranged.