Too many white blood cells?

WBCs. There are many conditions that can cause too many white blood cells. If this is occurring you should discuss this with your doctor to determine the cause and to obtain proper treatment if necessary.

Related Questions

Is bad to have too many white blood cells?

Infection? It depends on the underlying cause, such as infection. I assume you had a blood test done to assess a problem, so your physician will be able to discuss the findings and plan with you.

Can too many white blood cells cause serious problems?

Hard to say. Unless we know why the wbcs are too high, and how high. A modest increase may be of no consequence, and a very high level can be acute leukemia and even immediately life threatening.

Could you tell me what happens if you have too many white blood cells?

How many? In the most extreme case of an acute leukemia with a WBC over 100, 000, the cells can congest the small vessels of the lung and brain.

My husband has just found out he has necrozoospermia, (100% dead sperm) he also makes too many white blood cells. Can this be killing all of his sperm?

Who knows? But... Sorry to hear such. But, at least, a potentially modifiable cause is identified. So the first thing comes first to culture the semen and just try a course of antibiotic Rx with semen retested in 3-4 months. Such is more practical than just being stunned and worried. For detail, ask Doc timely. Best wish...

What can be the cause for too many white blood cells in urine of my 8 year old son. Urine blood and stool check showed no infections nor bacteria?

Foreskin? White cells can be present in the urine if there is debris in the foreskin, or if there is inflammation around the urethral opening.
White Cells in Urine. WBC's in urine mean inflammation anywhere in the urine collecting system, starting from the outer part of genitals all the way up to the kidneys. While infection may be a frequest cause, other causes of inflammation like stones, dehydration, allergy or constipation may cause white cells to show in urine. I have found constipation toGet your urine retested after hydration fo further treatment.