What over-the-counter meds or topical creams are good for treating an anal fissure?

Anal Fissure Tx. Initial treatment of anal fissures is directed at controlling constipation, softening stools, and reducing anal sphincter spasm. Warm water sitz baths for 10-20 minutes a few times each day are soothing and promote relaxation of the anal muscles, which can also help healing. Topical creams containing hydrocortisone, lidocaine, and nitroglycerine can also be helpful.
Anal fissure treatme. There is really not a good otc rx for anal fissure. Get tour physician to perscribe xylocaine (lidocaine) jelly and use it before each bowel movement. Hot soaks immediatly after each bowel movement and metamucil or citrucel daily. It may take months to heal. Follow up with your family physician if this conservative therapy doesn't work. Some diseases can cause anal fissures...See your physician.