Urine infection with high psa (5 at begining of urine infection then 13 week later) pain in end of penis and at rectum had prostititis twice prev?

Inflammation. There are several factors that will increase a psa level including infections of the bladder and prostate. Infections in these organs will cause the psa to rise and give a false positive reading. After adequate treatment, a followup psa level should be obtained in 4 to 6 weeks. If the level is still abnormal, then a biopsy may be needed but may be monitored if the psa is lowering.
Possible. Urinary tract infections (UTI) in men and prostatitis may be associated with elevated psa. If my index of suspicion is low for prostate cancer, i usually treat the infection and then recheck psa 2-3 weeks later and if still above normal, again in 2-3 weeks. If still elevated, i request urology consult. If back to normal, no follow up is indicated.