I have small lumps in my breast would I be able to tell the difference between cancer and not cancer I find it difficult to tell the difference?

See your doc. You should see your friendly primary care physician to alert and discuss your concerns. Breast cancer in a 29 year old would be uncommon.
Join the club. It is very difficult to clinically distinguish benign from malignant with fingers. Even the obvious, with skin dimpling and nipple retraction need confirmation. Know your breast, know when it changes, seek help.
Probably Benign. Many breast lumps found on (self) examination are simply "lumpy-bumpy" breast tissue. If a dominant mass is present, it could be a cyst, a benign tumor, or a cancer. It is very difficult to tell the difference by self-examination (although, the presence of many lumps favors "lumpy-bumpy").The best way to differentiate these is to see a breast surgeon and/or undergo evaluation at a breast center.