Is there any treatment to get rid of eye bags fast!?

The model's trick. Get a fresh tube of preparation h, and apply it to the eye bags. Models swear that it's the best! other than that, see your local plastic surgeon for a blepharoplasty.
Cold compresses. Cold compresses may work. Sometimes sinus problems can cause swelling or bags.

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What is a treatment to get rid of eye bags less then 2 weeks?

None. At your age baggy lower lids have the following reasons: 1. Lack of proper sleep. 2. Allergies or atopic disease. 3. Thyroid disease. 4. Renal disease. See your family practitioner for work up and sleep early. Read more...
Sleep more. Usually bags under the eyes are caused by not enough sleep. A few days of extra rest should cure it. Sometimes, allergies can cause puffiness. Over the counter allergy tablets help. If you have a photo shoot, use ice. If that is not sufficient, apply a tiny amount of preparation h to the skin with a q tip. Don't get any in your eyes! good luck. Read more...