What is the best treatment for autism?

Combination. The best therapy is individualized, and usually includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behavioral therapy, often with an instructor in "applied behavioral analysis." while there's no quick-fix, good therapy is very effective in mild-to-moderate autism.
Unconditional Love. Unconditional love is the best treatment! being "compassionate, understanding, patient and trustworthy" are qualities that each children with autism, down's or any special needs children need without having to ask for them.Go to "their world" and you will feel their frustrations, but with all of the above, you will make a world of difference in their lives!they have lots of potentials like us.
Many. The mainstay are therapies . Ot for social integration deficits , pt to help with any physical laxities, speech therapy, ! the earlier started the more successful they prove. Often autistic children have other problems too like adhd , anxiety disposer, reactive detachment disorder or many others. These problems must be treated at the same time and often require medications as well as therap.
None proven. Read news from the associations for autistic patients. There is nothing proven to substantially improve their brain function. There are new sprays of oxytocin for non social autistic individuals with difficulties in attachment. There is some research with stem cells taken from fat cells that is promising. Their treatment must be individualized by an expert in autism.
None. There is no specific treatment for autism. It is a whole team approach to treat autism including occupational, physical and speech therapy. They also benefit from picture exchange and behavioral modification.