If you have a normal pap smear while pregnant, but developed skin tags in mid to late pregnancy. Could it be HPV warts?

Yes it is possible. Yes it is possible, but not all skin tags are hpv warts. You should show them to your OB at your next visit.
Hard to say... Hpv warts can have the appearance of skin tags. However, the increased hormone levels of pregnancy can stimulate small skin tags or nevi (moles) that are normally present to increase in size and become more apparent. If there is concern, discuss the possibility of removing them following the delivery especially if there will be the pain control of an epidural available.

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If my pap smear is normal every yr does that mean I prob don't have hpv/cerv cancer? Ex-bf had HPV (genital warts kind) w no symptoms for many yrs.

If pap is. Normal it means you have normal cells with no atypical or dysplastic cells. If your doctor request for HPV test on the specimen and it consistently comes negative then is likely that you don't have HPV. Read more...

If I have abnormal pap smear hpv not vesibal genital wart. And I get baby by normal vaginal delivary dose my baby get infected by hpv? Please help

If you have HPV, the infant can acquire it during delivery. "Congenital HPV" can make a newborn very sick. I don't know how old your baby is, but the symptoms can begin up to 30 days after delivery. Women with obvious lesions are more likely to transmit HSV to the baby, so your baby's risk is lower. It's also lower if you got your first outbreak before pregnancy. Please talk with your pediatrician. Dr. Anne. Read more...