Varicose veins. What can I do?

See a specialist. As dr. Hertzman said, you should have an evaluation from a vein specialist. In the mean time though, there are simple things you can do which will help temporarily. These include using properly fitting compression stockings with adequate compression. Elevating your legs when you can gives relief, as does taking anti-inflammatory medicine. Regular exercise and no prolonged standing also helps.
Consultation. Evaluation by a vein specialist to include history, physical exam, and duplex ultrasound evaluation.
See Vascular Surgeon. See a vascular surgeon to discuss your treatment options. Usually varicose vein disease is genetically acquired. Weak vein valves progressively break as a result of venous insufficiency. Leg ultrasound often reveals venous reflux disease in veins called saphenous veins, which causes the development of the surface veins. Compression stockings can help slow the spread & help symptoms temporarily.
See vascular surgeon. Go see a vascular surgeon to be evaluated. There are many treatment options available and most don't entail surgery. Make sure to find a board certified vascular surgeon (check www.Certificationmatters.Org) and be very careful to avoid vein clinics that don't have them on staff.