I just noticed a few red bumps on both my aerolas what is this and how can I get rid of it?

Montgomery Glands. They are called montgomery glands or aereola skin glands. There function is believed to be to lubericate the nipple for breast feeding. They may be unnoticeable or stand out as bumps on the aereola and they may become more noticeable during pregnancy.
Maybe allergic react. Try over the counter ointmint-hydrocortizone 10. Not the cream. 3 to 5 days you will notice improvement. Your bra could be the culprit. Or your body soap.
Areola bumps. Red bumps on the areola may represent several different types of growths. Some (montgomery) papules are related to the glands. Itchy bumps could be scabies, an infection that needs treatment, benign keratoses, moles, etc. As these are new you should see a dermatologist for evaluation and to rule out anything serious.