How do you fix an umbilical hernia?

Surgery? The only way to "fix" an umbilical hernia, like all hernias, is through surgery. However, the question is whether it needs to be fixed or is just cosmetic. Hernias can cause problems when a part of the bowel gets caught in it and can get "strangled" or have the blood supply compromised, whether this is likely to happen depends on lots of factors. See your doctor to discuss your hernia to decide.
Surgery. Umbilical hernias may be easily repaired under general anesthesia as an out-patient. Depending on the size of the hernia and other patient-factors, we often advise using mesh to close the hole (like patching a tire). I advise hernia repair if it is causing symptoms that are interfering with one's quality of life, or if the hole is so large that there is the potential for intestine to get stuck.
Surgical closure. Umbilical hernia is fixed through a small incision usually just below the umbilicus. The defect in the muscular layer is closed with sutures.
Carefully! The repair is a 30 minute procedure done through an ambulatory surgical setting. Patients go home the same day. A small incision is made at the umbilical base and the underlying defect in the muscle fascia is sutured together.
Close fascial defect. Umbilical hernia repair is done with the child under anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. The defect in the abdominal fascia is closed with suture, and the overlying skin is tacked down to create an "inny" appearance.
Close with stitches. In children, an incision is made under the navel, and the opening is closed with some stitches.
It depends on age. In newborn period we do not recommend surgery as most of these hernias correct by themselves as the child gets older, and if it does not correct when child reaches 8 years age than it can be done as elective surgery to correctit and same in adults only time if it strangulate which is very very rare you need to do the surgery as emergency.
A small operation. Under anesthesia a small incision is made over the hernia and the defect is closed. Children go home in a few hours and can return to full activity in a few weeks generally.
Primary closure. If an umbilical hernia is still present after age 3, it probably should be repaired surgically. In children, closing the hernia with a small incision under the navel, and then some stitches to close the abdominal wall is all that is needed.
Yes. It is likely an umbilical hernia or epigastric hernia. Both can be easily repaired especially if they cause pain or discomfort. Surgery is short usually less than 30 minutes. Small incision is made under the navel. The muscle defect is closed, then the skin. Normal activity level can be resumed based on comfort.

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If I don't fix an umbilical hernia, how likely are the chances I will have a strangulated bowel? (i want to know how rare it is).

Variable. If its a small hernia that only contains fat, the chances of having strangulated bowel are close to zero. If there is bowel i. The hernia now, the odds go way up, but this is also dependent in how big the hernia defect is. We think the risk is higher for smaller hernias. Hope this helps! See a general surgeon for a consultation to find out more.
1-10%, Rare/serious. Umbilical hernias are pretty common. Incarceration or strangulation (very serious, can damage intestines) occur in about 1-10% of patients with an umbilical hernia during their lifetime. The surgery is fairly easy and simple. Strangulation is more likely if the fascia defect is small (less than 4 cm). If it causes pain, it should definitely be fixed promptly.

Is sex safe with an umbilical hernia?

Hernia activity. Activities with a hernia should be limited by discomfort. If you experience pain at the site of a hernia, it would be prudent to discontinue whatever activity you are doing.
Probably. Small size and reducible -- definitely safe. If big or stuck you may want to have a dr. Look at it first. Not really too much risk, just possible pain or discomfort..

What should I do about umbilical hernia?

Observe vs. Surgery. If the hernia is small and causing no symptoms, it can be observed. If the hernia is getting larger, contains intestines, or causes pain or discomfort with activities then see a doctor or a surgeon to see if you should have surgery.
Your choice. Generally, you should have it repaired if it is enlarging or bothering you. Otherwise you can simply observe it. See a general surgeon for a consultation to get more specifics for your case.
May need surgery. If the hernia is getting bigger, is causing pain, or contains intestines (a surgeon could determine this), then you should see a general surgeon to have it repaired. If the hernia is not causing you discomfort, then you may not need surgery. It is a good idea to have a general surgeon look at it and discuss open (single larger incision) or laparoscopic (multiple smaller incisions) repair.

What are the causes of umbilical hernia?

Multiple. The most common causes for an umbilical hernia include stretching and thinning of the abdominal wall with increased intraabdominal pressure. The classic examples are preganant women and obese people. Lack of exercise and abdominal wall atrophy is another cause. Previous incisions around the umbilicus can result in umbilical hernias as well.
Umbilical herniae... Are frequently seen in babies and young kids. The abdominal wall forms from 4 leaves or folds that all come together at the umbilicus. In some babies, the process is not yet complete, leaving an umbilical hernia. The majority of these go on to close on their own in the first 3 to 4 years of life. If it persists to near school age, it will probably not spontaneously close, and surgery is indicated.
Umbilical cord.. Weakness where your umbilical cord was. Women who become pregnant. Men who develop beer bellies, anyone who does a lot of straining lifting. Smokers who cough a lot. Usually 40's to 50's they begin to show. Most often seen in adults though some babies may born with them. If painful or growing have it fixed. If stable for years and not painful, don't need to fix it.