I recently acquired contact lenses and am still in school. What things should I bring to school with me?

Eyeglasses+Lens case. Bring your eyeglasses in case you lose a lens or you need to take one or both out for some reason. Also bring a contact lens case and a small bottle of solution so you can store them or reinsert them. Wash your hands, and please use only fresh commercially-prepared solution. Clean your cases with hot water daily, and replace the cases regularly. Have fun at school with the new frame-free you!
Just in case. The reason that the other answers are good ones is that they all address one central issue: what do you do if there is a problem with your contact lenses! if your eyes get irritated, turn red, or your vision gets blurry, you need to be able to remove the lenses immediately. So...Bring a case and some solution, plus your glasses to school!
A few things. You need to bring disinfecting solutions, contact lens cases, and replacement contact lenses according to the schedule recommended by your eye doctor. Do not shower or swim with contacts in. It is safest to remove the lenses at night and disinfect them or throw them out if they are daily replacement lenses. In between cleaning, empty the contact lens case and turn it upside down to air dry.