What do you give a 4 yr old for a cold since the drs are now saying not to give cold medicine to kids under 6?

A few helpful things. If your child is miserable with a cold, it's hard not doing anything. However, no treatments stop a cold, they just help with symptoms. A teaspoon of honey, cool liquids and soup can help sooth a sore throat and help with coughing. Using vaseline or chapstick on their nose can help with soreness. Nasal saline can help with congestion and the salt can shorten a cold as it kills the virus.
Homeopathy /TCM. In my practice I have chinese herbaceuticals that are amazing for colds and flu. They consistently help and have replaced all the old cold meds i used to use. You can see them on my website www.Drcorneliafranz.Com. Homeopathy also works well. See if there is a homeopath in your area.