During laser eye surgery are you allowed to blink?

No. Drops will be placed in your eye so you can't feel any surface eye activity. A small device called an eyelid speculum will then be placed to prop your eyelids open, so you cannot close the eye even if you try. The surgery will then be perfomed quickly, first one eye, then the other. You should not feel any discomfort.
Don't worry... During laser eye surgery, your eye is prevented from blinking by a "lid holder". This device gently prevents the eye from blinking, even if you try. You do not feel that your eye is being held open, and do not have to concentrate on doing so.
Lid Speculum. Your eyelids are held open with a special holder called a lid speculum, so even if you wanted to blink you would not be able to do so.

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Could you tell me what happens if you blink during laser eye surgery?

Eye is held open. When I perform laser vision correction, I use a device called an eyelid speculum to gently hold the eye open so blinking becomes a non-issue.
Eye is held open. There need be no concern about blinking during laser eye surgery as the eye is held open. During laser vision correction, most lasers also have a tracker which will follow the eye when it moves.

Would you be anaesthetized during laser eye surgery?

Yes. The eye is numbed with very effect anesthetic drops.
Yes. There is no pain from laser eye surgery. There can be a great deal of pressure, but there is no reason for pain.

Can laser eye surgery cause pain during the process?

Yes. It is surgery of the eye. The good news is that a local anesthetic can be used in dropper form to numb your eye. The worst part it the small spring contraption that is used to hold your eyelids apart during the short surgery.
No. There is no pain. Most patients experience a pressure-like sensation for less than a minute, but it is not painful.

I had a laser eye surgery done on Saturday the 16th of August. I have a red stain on both my eyes. Also am I allowed to go movies should I still wear dark shades while watching?

Red spot after LASIK. If by laser eye surgery you mean LASIK, these red spots are completely normal. In order to keep your eye still in perfect position to make the thin LASIK flap, a suction ring holds your eye. It frequently causes a little red spot, known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. You can think of it as a tiny eyeball hickey. It will go away on its own. You should be able to watch movies without sunglasses.