How does esophageal cancer cause coughing?

Airway irritation. Coughing in esophageal cancer is usually caused by airway (aka bronchus or wind pipe) irritation, most commonly by: 1. Aspiration (saliva and/or food going into the airway) due to obstruction of the esophagus by tumor or 2. A large tumor pushing on or growing into the airway.
When youcannot . Swallow completely, food and liquid backs up at the obstruction, and can go "down the wrong pipe" at the glottis, and coughing ensues. Worse, advanced esophageal cancer can bore a hole into the trachea or bronchus, te or be fistula...A challenge to help, and mark of short future.
Due to cough reflex. As tumor of esophagus, stats to obstruct secretions and food backs up , try to enter air way, cough reflex will protect aspiration.

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If a person has symptoms caused by esophageal cancer would taking cough drops help supress those symptoms?

Not really. What symptoms are you referring here? Esophageal cancer usually is presented with problem with swallowing- usually harder with solid food than liquid. Also, other symptoms like bloathing, pain/discomfort can happen. When the cancer spreads outside the esophagus- for instance the lung, liver -other symptoms related to the location of the spreads can occur like weight loss etc. Cough drop won't help. Read more...
No. Respiratory symptoms are common in respiratory issues such bronchitis, upper respitory tract infection, and can occur with gastroesophageal reflux. However, cough is not the usual presenting symptom for esophageal cancer. Difficulty swallowing, heartburn, weight loss are more common. If you're concerned consult your primary care, get an endoscopy performed. Read more...