Do you think those occuvite vitamins for the eye really work?

Yes, to a degree. The age related eye disease study (areds) showed that individuals at risk for macuar degeneration had a significant decrease or delay in developing the disease when they took these vitamins vs. Those who did not. It does not prevent the disease completely, but it is the single best option that we have available at this point. If you smoke, avoid the vitamin a formula vitamins.
YES!! The nih sponsored areds 1 and recently released areds 2 studies evaluated thousands of patients over years and showed that the combination of vitamins reduced the risk of visual loss in patients with macular degeneration by approx. 25% over 10 years. These vitamins work, and patients at risk should be on them. There is even now a beverage form of these vitamins called ojo (ojonectar.Com).
Yes. Clinical studies have shown definite benefit in patients with certain stages of macula degeneration. They have not been shown to be preventative; that is, a person with a normal retina may or may not benefit from taking ocuvite or similar vitamin formulas.
Yes. For those people with more than just mild age-related macular degeneration (armd), the areds vitamin supplement (ocuvite is one of those) has been shown in research studies to slow the progression of armd and decrease the incidence of severe vision loss in armd. It is one of the very few things that can be done to prevent damage from armd, besides not smoking, wearing sunglasses, and healthy diet.