What can be done for eyes that get so dry from wearing contact lenses?

Contact. Try rewetting drops w contacts on, tears when contacts out. Give eyes a break w glasses. Punctal plugs, restasis, lid hygiene can help in different scenario. Sometimes changing contact lens material can help.
Lubricate. The most important and useful therapeutic option is to use artificial tears 4-5x/day, consistently. If that isn't enough, then you may need to decrease the # of hours you wear your lenses per day. You should make sure you are using some of the newer, higher oxygen transmissibility lenses. If doing all of that is not enough, then you should have a dry eye consultation as you may restasis.
Lots. Unfortunately dry eye is very common especially in people who wear contacts. The most important thing is to make sure that you are wearing your contacts appropriately. You can also try otc lubricating drops, warm compresses, and omega 3 oral supplements. If your eyes are still bothering you see your ophthalmologist who can evaluate you for other treatments.
Liquid tears. Tears are helpful. But i would ask ophthalmologist about another type that might be better for your eyes.