What is the best way to clean eyeglasses?

Lens cloths. Lint free lens cloths are a great investment. They are cheap and really clean lenses wonderfully.
Water. Although, you may get bombarded with a number of eyeglass cleaners, in my experience and opinion, there is no better one than water. I use liquid hand soap and tap water to clean my glasses daily and then tap them dry with a flanel cloth. Works like a champ!
Cotton Cloth. Cotton or lint free cloth with water or vinegar minimizes the risk of scratching and minimizes toxic effects of chemical cleaners.
Rinse first. First rinse with tap water to remove dust and particles. Next spray with a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent rubbing alcohol. Last dry with 100 percent cotton, like a clean tshirt. Do this daily in morning. You should not have to clean them during the day. Do not ever rub paper products like tissue. Do not use other cloths, some will scratch lenses. Most important step is rinsing.
Microfiber. Microfiber pads can offer a quick clean which usually works well. For deeper soil, soak in dish cleaning liquid, rinse and then wipe with the microfiber. This will get almost all soil off glasses without harming the eyeglasses.