How long would it take to recover from rotator cuff surgery?

6 mo. Having had 5 cuff surgeries I can tell u it is long & hard. After immobilization and starting pt the next day u r stiff sore & weak. I think it is easily 6 mo or more, up 2 a year sometimes 2 ur end of rehab, and ur not back 2 ur normal self as far as activities r concerned. Listen 2 ur ortho, pt, work hard on ur hep, and b patient but persistant.

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How long does it take to recover from rotator cuff surgery?

A realistic goal- -6mos 2 get motion and strength back requires dedicated PT daily work @ home. Ur shoulder will never B as before but with a lot of early work on passive ROM, @ 5-6 wks gentle act/assist exercise, supervised, then gradually active 4 strength, again supervised. By 8-12 wks U have 2 continue to push 4 ROM & strength. By 6 mo any improvement comes very slowly.

How long does it take to recover from rotator cuff surgery?

6 months. All our patients are treated arthroscopically despite the size of the rot. Cuff tear. Almost all our patients are 'released' @ 6 months post-op. This means they can return to full activitites. Some people continue to improve their strength up until 1 yr. Post-op...Sling use is generally for the first 4 weeks after surgery and rehab can last 4-10 wks. Depending on size and chronicity of tear. Gl!

How long does it take to strengthen your rotator cuff muscles after having rotator cuff repair surgery for a massive tear where tissue is good quality?

Patience. It can take 12-24 months to maximize strength gains after a large repair, providing the tissue heals correctly.

My wrist has been slightly swollen and extremely painful since the day after my rotator cuff repair surgery, 2 months ago. How long can this last?

Swollen wrist. You had a rotator cuff repair 2 months ago. You have a swollen wrist on the same side with pain. See your doctor who performed the surgery. If entire arm is swollen then ask for an ultrasound to rule out clot. If pain is the main thing then ask about if arm was in sling during surgery and if physical therapy may be of benefit. Your doctor will want to know and help you.
Need a diagnosis. The question is why is your wrist is hurting and swollen. Most likely, this is indirectly, not directly related to your RC repair. Tendonitis because of a change in upper extremity biomechanics would be a thought. Your surgeon should be able to help you discover the cause and discuss treatment options. If I can help, then join my care team and virtual practice at www. Healthtap. Com/dr-clarkeholmes.