Is it safe to use sunscreen on my baby?

Yes. In general we recommend that babies not have sunscreen until six months of age. It's not that sunscreen is harmful to the skin, but rather we like these kids out of the direct sun as much as possible. After six months sunscreen is ok, but be mindful that 9 month olds love to take suncreen on their hands and immediately rub it into their eyes! i like the zinc oxide sunscreens best!
Yes. Yes, used as recommended sunscreens are safe at any age.
Yes. The safest ways to protect babies from excessive sun exposure are mechanical - shade, cover with clothes/hats/sunglasses, and so on. But if that is not practical, and for sun-exposed areas, you can use a chemical-free sunscreen (only zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as active ingredients). Test a small amount on a patch of skin when first applying.
Yes. Those sunscreens made with titanium or zinc oxides physically block sunlight (like the way tiny particles of paint would). The titanium sunscreens may be less likely to cause allergic or other skin reactions, compared to the common chemical sunscreens. It is better to keep babies in the shade (or indirect sunlight) and only smear sunscreen on them when they have no shady place to play.
Yes. Over the age of 6 months you should use sunscreen for protection. At least spf 30 or higher, with frequent, every 2 hour, application. Any good child sunscreen should be paba free, and will say so on the bottle. For those under 6 months, you should avoid strong sun exposure. If the choice is a little suncreen or a major burn, a little sunscreen is ok, but try to avoid those situations.
Yes. Sunscreen is safe for baby's skin, however we recommend keeping your baby out of the sun as much as possible (especially in the first 6 months). When you do use a sunscreen make sure it is broad spectrum and reapply it every 2 hours or if your child gets wet or sweaty. Also try to stay in the shade as much as possible, and remember your wide brimmed hats and sunglasses too!
Yes. If used as directed they are safe for any age.
Yes. Not all sunscreens are safe, though. I would recommend zinc oxide-based screens; they are solid white in color, not as 'pretty' as clear lotions but safer and more visible if rubbed off.