How to cure an eye stye?

Warm compresses. A style is basically a pimple on the eyelid. It will usually resolve with heat and time and rarely needs medication. If no better in 3-4 weeks then drainage or a steroid injection can help.
Eyelid hygiene. Styes are common and usually imply less than perfect eyelid hygiene. Hot compresses are the single best treatment initially along with vigorous lid cleaning using warm water and terry washcloth. Compresses should be as hot as tolerable and at least 3-4x/day. If your eye is also red and draining you may have conjunctivitis; need a topical antibiotic drop. See your Eye Doctor if not better 48hrs.
Stye. The best treatment for a stye is to place a warm compress over the stye several times a day until it eventually drains on its own. O not try to squeeze or express the stye. If the stye persists, see your primary care physician for a referral to ophthalmology.

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