Will my seizure disorder have negative effects on my baby?

Maybe. Two ways it can effect your baby; prolonged, untreated siezure could deprive the baby of oxygen. Treatment for seizures varies and some drugs are more dangerous than others for causing birth defects. Discuss with your nuerologist and OB dr before pregnancy to see if there is a safer treatment than what you may be on.
Interfere with care. Unless you have an inheritable form of epilepsy, it will not have a direct effect on the baby. ,There are indirect effects that might interfere with your ability to care for the baby. For instance might you drop the baby, leave the baby in a tub unattended while you have a seizure, be otherwise neglectful. You should work with your neurologist to do the best job possible controlling seizures.
Maybe. If you have a seizure while pregnant it could affect the baby. If you are taking anticonvulsant medications while pregnant some may affect the baby. It is important to discuss this with your neurologist and ob/gyn. They may want to alter the dose or change some medications altogether. Some meds can also be passed in breast milk as well.