What are the causes of whites of your eye to turn yellow?

Jaundice? Sometimes if the entire white part of your eye is turning yellow, this could be a sign of elevated bilirubin in your blood, and is related to many conditions affecting the liver and gallbladder. You will need to see your primary care md right away to check this with a simple blood test. If just small areas become yellowed, this can be elastotic degeneration, a sun exposure problem on the eye.
Jaundice. Liver dysfunction leading to high bilirubin levels is the most. Ommon cause, but there are also non-liver related conditions. Anyone with yellow eyes should be urgently evaluated by a physician as it generally is seen in severe cases of liver disease and is potentially life threatening.
Hepatitis A. Hepatitis a, (a food born disease, not the kind you get from dirty needles etc), among other types of hepatitis can cause jaundice. If you notice white or light colored stools with yellowing of the eyes or skin, it's time to see your doctors.
Yellow eyes, skin. Blockage to the flow of bile, either within the liver or outside it. Can be due to stones or tumors causing blockage of bile ducts. Can be from intrinsic liver disease, acute or chronic, infectious or not.Yellow skin, white eyes: too much carotene-lay off the carrot juice. Yellow eyes, white skin: ophth issues or vitamin a deficiency.Yellow eyes, yellow skin: see your doc asap-may be serious.
Jaundice and others . Complete yellowing of the whites of the ideas can be due to liver diseases; however some yellowing at the sides of the eyes are due to sun damage in the form of pingueculum or pterygium.
Depends. Yellowing can also be caused by sun damage to the eyes called elastotic degeneration which is not harmful to you. It is best to see your ophthalmologist to can differentiate between the two!
Eyes turning yellow. Jaundice from hepatitis. Also a blockage in your bile duct of your gall bladder. Go see your doctor if this occurs.