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Resting heart rate as a young man was 50-55. Doctors are considering a pace maker 2 years post heart attack?

Heart rate as. Young man not likely related to needing a pacemaker 2 years post-mi....Talk to your cardiologist for the explanation as there are many reasons for needing a pacemaker.
Ok. Your youth and cardiovascular conditioning are of historic interest. If you now have symptomatic slow pulse= bradycardia, syncope, heart failure etc. One may benefit from pacing. After a heart attack the electrical system of the heart can be damaged and one benefits from proper atrioventricular pacing or even dual pacing for chf.

I work night shifts, my bp is usually 140/100 and resting heart rate is 104. Should I see a doc? Is something wrong with me?

Yes & yes. At your. Age you need an evaluation to determine the cause of your early-onset hypertension & mild tachycardia (rapid heart beat). List all prescription, OTC & homeopathic or " natural" medicines you take; include all stimulants you use to stay awake to work night shifts. Learn your family medical history. Be honest & open about your lifestyle during your doctor visit. Take care!
Yes. For an otherwise healthy 24 yo those numbers are not normal. BP ought to be 130/80 or less and resting heart rate 60-80 Bpm. Non cardiac (such as thyroid) and cardiac causes ought to be considered.

What can cause a high resting heart rate of about 80_100? Had echo done, doc said it was ok. Should I worry?

Heart rate. Deconditioning ian a common cause, anemia, over active thyroid, and among other things also normal. Don't be worried. Get on a regular diet and aerobic program and discuss with your doc.

Resting heart rate 90 and 130 when up. Checked for everything and nothing comes up. Doctors say I'm fine but I do not understand the weakness and hr?!

POTS? Be sure you're not volume depleted. Drink plenty of liquids. Eat normal amount of salt. Are you underweight? If these don't help, you may have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome but it's doubtful - see a cardiologist for full evaluation.
? POTS. An increase in the heart rate of 40 BPM after changing from sitting to standing may be abnormal. This is especially true if you experience dizziness/lightheadedness after standing, along with weakness, fatigue, body aches, etc. Get checked for possible anemia; drink 60-80 oz of water every day. You may have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (pots); check with your physician.