How would you know if your retina detached?

4 signs/symptoms. The signs and symptoms of a retinal detachment include: (1) significantly decreased vision, (2) sudden onset of a bunch of floating dots, spots, or lines, (3) flashing or arcing lights, (4) or a curtain, veil, shade, shadow, or spot descending over your visual field that you cannot see light through.
Examination. You would need a dilated eye exam to diagnose but typical symptoms are a sudden change in floaters, flashing lights, or a curtain coming over your vision. For such symptoms get examined asap.
Curtain . Usually patients see a curtain in their vision that persists and worsens with time. Often flashes and floaters are associated though not always. Bottom line if one is suspicious, see a retina specialist for a definitive diagnosis .

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How would you know if your retina detached? Can you tell yourself?

Usually. Retinal detachment usually causes a blind or darkened area(scotoma or visual field defect)) and may be associated with flashing lights (photopsias) and floaters. Small retinal detachments or shallow inferior retinal detachments may be asymptomatic. Read more...