I am 22 years old single girl my labia become long since two year, is there any medicine to cure it without surgery?

Not but... Patients who present with “enlarged labia” may have problems wearing certain clothing, exercising, riding bikes/horses, and/or with sexual activity. These patients may be candidates for labia minora reduction surgery (labiaplasty). Careful selection of surgeon is important; ask to see lots of examples of his/her work.
No. The overgrowth of the labia minora is a selective growth response to your hormones. When they protrude to a significant length, the therapy with the best outcome is surgical reduction preformed by someone with experience in the procedure.
Surgery. The surgical procedure you are speaking about is labioplasty.
No. Surgery is your only option if it makes you uncomfortable.
I am not aware. While certain clothing may help conceal or compress the visible or prominent labia I am not ware of a medicine. "chinese shrinking cream is simply a drying agent.