Fat containing umblical hernia from a previous surgery recntly start getting pain above my navel area but my pcp ant takin it serious hurts thoe hlp?

Painful hernia. A painful hernia should be evaluated. I assume that a ct scan demonstrated that it only contains fat? Nevertheless, a painful hernia should be evaluated and considered for repair. Pain at the site of a hernia is an indication for repair. When standing or exerting, it is possible for other organs/intestines to protrude other than simply omental fat. Ask your doctor for a referral to a surgeon.
Incisional Hernia. Technically-speaking, you have an incisional hernia rather than an umbilical hernia. These are more likely to cause problems down the road, so we tend to be "quick with the knife" and usually repair these with mesh. Since you are having pain from this hernia, it would be appropriate for you to see a hernia surgeon at this time. Good luck!